Surrounding herself in the outdoors, Waldoch is able to interact with an open, and raw landscape. She incorporates her love of detailed close-ups, nature, travel and documentary style photography.

Her recent fascination is taking the time to utilize life’s abstractions, oddities and abnormalities and framing them in a way she sees complimenting the nature of the scene.

She looks forharmony and balance when framing her subject for the perfect shot.Her fine art side is explored through collaboration with her documentary style, love of story telling, and philosophy to create strong supportive works.

“I frame the subject in its own environment, by its own neighboring elements to put emphasis on a single harmonious scene”. (Mikuta Waldoch)


2012, “Dream Weaver”, Colour. Eleven,11, Calgary, AB
2012, Butterfly Pinned”, ACAD Salon Show, Calgary, AB
2013, “Modest Glass”, God. Atlantis Fine Framing Studio, Calgary, AB

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