Glynnis Mutch, a graduate of the photography program at the Alberta College of Art and Design, finds her passion for photography in commercial and editorial portraiture and specializing in studio work. She has enjoyed the creative outlet of photography since she was in high school and decided upon graduation to pursue it as her career.

When she was a teenager, Glynnis saved her money in order to buy herself a DSLR after coming to the conclusion that a point and shoot was not suiting her needs. When her mother found out, she refused to allow Glynnis to purchase a new camera until she learned how to use a film SLR as it forced her to employ the manual settings on her camera properly. At the time, Glynnis was exasperated by her mother’s antics, but now as an adult who has made photography her career, she is grateful that her mother provided her with such an important learning experience at such a young age. It is her belief that everyone with the desire to take quality photos must learn about their camera and understand how they are able to manipulate the settings in order to create the best photos they can.

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2012, “Eye of the Blue Dog”, Colour. Eleven,11, Calgary, AB
2012, "Angels in the Outfield”, ACAD Salon Show, Calgary, AB
2013, “Waiting”, god. Atlantis Fine Framing Studio, Calgary, AB

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