“I brought my kittens Prissy, Buttercup, Candi, and Mittens to the four lovely ladies of Fancy Felines and I couldn’t believe the beautiful results! They made my babies look the precious angels they truly are! I would recommend them to anyone who considers their cats to be their children. I have been bringing my babies to them four times a year for all our fun holiday portraits!”

-Eleanor, Medicine Hat

“I never thought it was possible to capture the truly perfect essence of my cats FooFoo and Mr. Snookums, but the girls at Fency Felines truly captured my babies perfection! The pictures were so beautiful that I printed off 100 copies to hang around my home and to send to all my family and friends! Can’t wait to bring my babies in for our Valentines day themed photo-shoot!”

-Marilyn, Calgary

“I travelled all the way from Edmonton to Fancy Felines in Calgary because of their amazing reputation. My three girls Binky, Bessie, and Bimsy were all cared for so well by Melanie, Stephanie, Brittany and Darryl. They were able to take the most amazing photographs of my little rays of sunshine! We will be going back and I would recommend them to any cat lover.”

-Cathy, Edmonton