studied at the Alberta College of Art and Design where she discovered her other 4 friends and their love of cats. When Stephanie isn’t taking cat portraits she is out on location shooting Weddings, Engagements photos and all thing pertainting to love.


has loved cats ever since she was a tiny baby. Loving cats is her life, so photograpging them comes naturally to her. She can think of no other career she would prefer. Cats are her life.


the mother of two baby angel cats, Brittany fell in love with cats when a stray followed her home through a park. Since that day she has loved dressing up her two cats and photographing them.


is the owner of a giant tabby cat which she feels looks best in a top hat. Mel loves all things rustic and vintage and feels that photographing cats gives her work a soft feel which is unable to be acheived by anything else.